Service of Process

Calserve,Inc. utilizes only Registered Process Servers to serves your process. Your process is served on an ASAP basis. This is our normal policy, not the exception. Unless the service venue is outside of your local service area, service is attempted within 24 hours. Our service fees are Flat Rate. There are no charges for attempts or mileage. Our Proof of Service formats comply with California Judicial Council requirements and are acceptable for filling in all California jurisdictions.

Calserve, Inc. provides service to the world. We have process servers throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and over 130 countries worldwide. All process serving assignments are updated daily. Process serving assignments in other states and foreign countries are monitored by our staff to make sure that the service is timely and proper and that your state's codes or Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are followed.

For government agencies requiring service of process, Calserve, Inc. has the experience and facility to consistently produce the high volume of services required to service your case loads. Our custom software has the ability to handle the vast amounts of data necessary to not only track your services, but to provide you with comprehensive reports so vital to your local, state and federal reporting requirements. Our software has the capability to interface with your software for daily online up or downloading of information. If you have the capability to generate the process on your network, we have the capability to print it at our facility. Process printed at our facility today is out for service tomorrow. If you are planning to issue a request for proposal or bid, please remember to include Calserve, Inc. on your invitation list.